Who Are Your Buyers, Customers, and Buyers?

We usually feel about Buyers, Customers, and Consumers as interchangeable. Is there any value in separating them?

Let us very first define each and every label:

Consumer – The individual who uses your services

Consumer – Those who benefit from your services

Customer – Those who pay for your services

If I go to the grocery to buy the ingredients for a dinner, I am undoubtedly going to be all 3. Every person who sits down to dinner with me is going to be a consumer. Depending on nutrition, how properly cooked the meal is, and the top quality of the conversation, they will also be Customers. Regardless of the high quality or conversation, I am still a Customer given that I necessary the food to make the meal. In this example, I would be the only customer.

Who are the Customers, Customers, and Buyers of a parochial school?

Customers – The students are the obvious Buyers. There may possibly be other Customers if the school delivers parenting classes or other services to the loved ones.

Customers – The students are the obvious beneficiaries. One would hope that the student’s expertise also modifications the family members and delivers advantages to the whole loved ones. In addition, one hopes the community rewards beyond the obvious benefit of having an educated population.

Customer – The loved ones and the donors are the initial to come to mind but who are the donors? Are some of the donors unrelated members of the community? Is the school supplying sufficient benefit to the community that nearby residents see a require for it, refer students, and offer monetary support?

Does your community see so a lot value that it feels like a Consumer, and by extension feels an obligation to be a customer? If so, your Christian school will have a much greater sustainability than most schools.

Next Step:

Evaluate the value you are offering for the community

Figure out how to improve the value

Remind the community of the value that you supply

Invite the community to support your school

How numerous of your donors are unrelated to the school (not an alumnus, member of a supporting congregation, or family members member of a student)? How significantly will you have to boost the value of your school to the surrounding community to double the number of unrelated donors?

Would you like our assist creating a technique to offer the value needed to double the number of unrelated donors?

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