Six Myths of Successful Communication

Communication Procedure or Successful Communication or Communication Abilities are such subjects that has been effectively researched and several authors have filled volumes of pages to explain all the nitty-gritty involved in communication and to explain to the world how 1 can and should communicate with other people or group of folks. A easy Google search for “Efficient Communication” generates 44 million pages. However, I think that the communication Procedure as a entire is governed by specific myths and misnomer. We are preparing this write-up to touch upon some of those myths and supply clarity.

one) Language is vital for Efficient communication Method – In India; we speak a lot more than 18 known languages. Have you ever wondered how does a Kashmiri neighborhood communicate with his fellow citizen from Southern portion of India or our Marathi Maanus (nearby from Maharastra) communicate with other country men from Eastern India? They don\’t use typical language to communicate with 1 an additional or to express their thoughts. But, they communicate properly, if not effectively. Your capability to read, write and speak any specific language or list of languages comprises only 10% of communication Method and the balance of 90% of communication Method consists of your body-language, facial expressions, message, context, complexity or simplicity of the message (words, terminologies, and jargons employed in the message), listening, perceiving, interpreting and giving feedback. How Successful or inefficient you are in the course of the 90% of the communication processes makes the overall communication Procedure either Efficient or ineffective.

2) Successful communication indicates your capacity to communicate in English Language – Do you know how does the Premier’s of world’s top 3 economies (President of China Hu Jintao; Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama and President of USA Barack Obama) communicate with 1 yet another on world forum? Mr. Hu Jintao and Mr. Yukio Hatoyama have extremely restricted Realizing of English language and Mr. Barack Obama is not recognized for his proficiency in Chinese or Japanese language. It is an irony for our generation to use “Successful communication” and “proficiency in English language” as synonym. You can not make a defense by saying that the English is a widely employed language for communication, since it is not. Chinese is the widely utilized [add language] for communication purposes, followed by Spanish at number two and English at number 3. It is also intriguing to note that the number of individuals that use Chinese for communication outnumbers the total number of folks that uses Spanish and English combined. There are numerous prominent individuals, head of states, historians, and other celebrities who are extremely Successful and influential in their native language, be it French, Italian, Hindi, Arabic or any other language, However they are not great with English language. Does this mean that they are not Efficient communicators or they have deficiency in their communication? English is not the only language utilized for communication Yet is 1 amongst several other languages employed for the purpose.

three) Capacity to write and speak proficiently qualifies you as an good communicator – If you write properly in any language then you can grow to be a writer and if you speak nicely in any language then you can turn out to be a excellent speaker or orator However that doesn’t qualify as an good communicator. What will you do with your capacity to write flawlessly and speak fluently when whatever you write is a piece of irrelevant nonsense and whatever you speak is senseless rubbish? Communication is not just about speaking and writing. It is about Knowing the message, context of the message and time of communication.

4) What you communicate is not as essential as how you communicate – There is a distinction between becoming a communicator and becoming a spokesperson and the key distinction is related to the ownership of the message. When you communicate, you know what you are communicating, you take-up the responsibility and you also offer clarification, if needed. Subject matter experience is crucial. Verifying your facts and figures is crucial. Taking up the ownership is crucial. When you are a spokesperson, you pass-on the message ready by other people and are not in a position to supply any clarification and enhancement.

five) Individuals holding command over two distinct languages can not communicate successfully – Language is 1 of the modes to communicate and thankfully, it is not the only way. Whilst communicating, your message, body-language, facial expression and confidence level, need to sync to make it an Successful communication. Lately, I went to a laundry shop to check the price. I can communicate in 3 languages Yet the shop-owner didn’t know any of those 3. However, we communicated, verified our message, gave feedback to 1 yet another and gave acknowledgement of acceptance of message. Communication across languages and cultures is achievable, supplied we reduce our self-constructed hurdles. If I choose to not to realize or accept the message then doesn’t matter what language or mode of communication the other person uses, I will in no way realize. It has a lot to do with the willingness and desire of both the parties involved in communication Procedure.

6) “No communication” is great communication – In our individual life as properly as in function-life we ignore or curtail several requests for communication. We assume that it is great to not respond to a certain message. We hold the info which is meant to be passed-on to folks up or down the hierarchy. “No response” or “No communication” or “No feedback” is not regarded as as excellent communication Yet this in turn strangles and complicates numerous workplaces as properly as family members relations that really need frequent exchange of messages for its really existence.

Key elements necessary for Efficient communication

one) Know what you are communicating – Realizing what you are communicating is extremely vital. Whilst communicating, 1 need to correlate his or her own thought Procedure with that of the sensibility of an individual or group of folks that they are communicating with. Communication is not a onetime Method Yet entails several to and fro motions and rounds of clarifications, and feedback and hence subject matter encounter is critical. If you fail to supply the necessary clarification then you may possibly risk losing your credibility as a communicator.

2) Know the size and composition of folks that you are communicating with – It is crucial to know the composition, size of group (1-to-1 or 1-to-several or Several-to-1) and cultural background of your audience and based on that you may possibly be necessary to either level-up or level-down your communication style. If you couldn’t level-up or level-down your communication style based on the need then either you will be deemed as incompetent or an idiot.

three) Credibility, Sincerity and Trustworthiness – Do you walk your talk? Are you a dependable and significant communicator or are you an entertainer or publicity seeker? How honest are you in your communication? Are you a habitual liar? Are you authorized to communicate or are you the proper person to communicate on the subject or matter that you are discussing or debating about? What’s been your background? All these have an effect on your communication Procedure and your credentials as a communicator.

4) Time of communication – Delay in communication or communicating the wrong message at proper time is as great as receiving no communication at all. For example, you could have saved your relation or you could have retained 1 of your high-performer or you could have brought onboard a extremely talented candidate However you missed it since you mistimed your communication. There is a proper time for each communication to be passed on and for each discussion However regrettably, the proper time is not when you choose it to be correct. Just as depicted in 1 joke between a physician and a patient.

Physician: I have great news and a poor news to communicate to you.
Physician: Great news is that we have been able to prolong the life of your father by 1 day and the poor news is that I forgot to communicate this to you yesterday.
Excellent communicator knows the correct time to communicate.

five) Precise and straightforward – Complexity and Longevity of Communication Procedure kills the essence and effectiveness of the message. Message wants to be easy, straight and accurate. At this point, I bear in mind 1 of my Department Head. When asked to offer highlights or summary of a idea, he sends across a document of 75-100 pages and of which 99% of text and information would be irrelevant.

6) Feedback – Feedback is really crucial as it ensures that the message has been understood and accepted in the manner it must have been and that there is no conflict of Knowing between the sender and the receiver.

Issues to steer clear of

There are couple of Points that 1 should stay away from to ensure Successful communication.

one) Assumptions – There are further two Points that are related to assumptions.
a) Communication between sender (s) and receiver (s) must not have any space for ambiguity. Message need to be clearly stated and understood by both the parties and must not be left anything on fancy assumptions. Any such assumption can be fatal for the execution or follow-up of the message.
b) In a relationship between boss and subordinates, amongst team-members, between employer (or representative of employer) and between any two folks that share emotional proximity, mis-communication or lack of communication or misrepresentation in communication leads to assumptions, and gives space for gossip and rumors which in turn distorts the relation, trust and reliability.

2) Widespread Lingo – In group communication, it is vital to communicate in a language that is understood by everyone else in the group to steer clear of any conflict of interest, to ensure fairness and transparency. Setting-up a widespread lingo with 1 or two or a set of folks inside a group, which in a way get rid of other people from the communication Procedure and make them look embarrassing, not only shows you as disgraceful, disrespectful, scandalous, and despicable However also put questions on your credibility, honesty and communication Abilities. I was staying with 1 couple and to maintain me out of their discussion, they employed to communicate, not privately However correct in front of me, in a language that they thought I can not comprehend or conversant in. Least did they know that not only I could choose-up couple of words in that language However their tone and body-language was loud and clear sufficient to pass on the message. In a group scenario, such Issues should be avoided or else these put us in an awkward and embarrassing scenario.


Tell us what you are going to tell us, tell us, and then tell us what you told us; that is the essence of communication Procedure. Great communication demands clarity of thought, precision of language and empathy with your intended audience. Individuals will interpret your message differently based on their level of education, past expertise, familiarity with the Subject, fluency in your language, etc. A excellent communicator has his audience’s greatest interests at heart. They concentrate on the message, not themselves.

We don\’t talk TO individuals, we talk WITH folks.

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