Political Grass Roots Marketing With AdHitch

Grassroots Political Marketing Just Got a Boost: Any ad medium is nothing more than a megaphone. It is powerless without a voice, or more importantly an amplified idea that engages an audience. Outdoor is a HUGE Megaphone, but if it doesn’t grab your attention… so what? More than ever, politicians need every tool available to drive business and top of mind awareness! Voters are building short lists, is your candidate on it? AdHitch is an Award Winning Small Business and (SEMA 1st place 2008) Patented Mobile Outdoor system that moonlights (Easy to transition from a vehicle; to a store front; to indoors) as signage at events, store fronts, tradeshows and building day-to-day campaign awareness. 1. 3-Rotating Graphic Panels can be changed in less than 60-Seconds! 2. High Quality printed graphics create High Impact Memorable Advertising, Branding, Messaging or Special Offers 3. Replace your newspaper, print or other local advertising and literally save thousands annually WHILE increasing your REACH! 4. Promote your candidate at street level… while pressing the flesh. 5. Write off your vehicle as an business expense! AdHitch… Savvy campaign managers and media consultants are realizing the advantage of a new way of promoting on a local level. Weighing only 75 pounds, the AdHitch is truly MOBILE, and can be used with a standard trailer hitch receiver and plug-in; during trade show utilizing standard outlet plug-ins; or at outdoor events utilizing our Mobile Solar Power

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