Maintain in Touch With Your Customers and Prospective Customers

Keeping in touch with Customers and Potential Customers yields large dividends, plus it can be enjoyable! Don\’t permit everyday busyness to crowd out this truly essential activity. Keep in mind, Customers are the heart of your company, so you require to let them know you care. If you Do not, your competitor will.

Below are some suggestions to make keeping in touch simple, enjoyable and efficient:

- Summer is the ideal time to invite Customers and Prospective future Customers to attend a ball game or concert, enjoy a round of golf, game of tennis or a hike.

- Host a backyard barbeque or strategy 1 at a nearby park. Invite those whom you know will enjoy and benefit from obtaining to know every other.

- Produce a schedule to call them on a normal basis with no sales agenda, just to see how they’re performing. Ask what’s new and discover out if they have any requirements you could assist with.

- Arrange to meet at your favorite coffee shop. Ask questions and listen, giving your undivided attention. Turn off your cell phone!

- Locate out about your Customers’ wants-individual as nicely as enterprise. Note what’s crucial to each and every of them, and then be alert to methods in which you can aid. Maybe send related articles or tips when you come across them. Introduce them to other people who may be able to assist.

- Give gifts. You Don\’t want to invest a fortune-some thing little and creative can be very meaningful. Use your imagination. If you require additional inspiration, Joan Schlaefer of Gift to It! will be glad to assist.

- Send cards. We all enjoy to know that a person is thinking about us. Create a database of your Customers’ unique events: birthdays, company anniversaries, etc. These make great excuses for ‘client touches.’

Program on keeping in touch with your Customers and Possible Customers this summer, and reap sales in the future. Enjoy the method and often, usually, often be sincere!


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